Property Maintenance

Specialists in domestic & commercial Property Maintenance services across the UK from Manchester to London.

Basic plumbing preventative maintenance can help you avoid serious problems. After all, the longer you ignore little leaks, drips, and clogs, the worse they’ll get. That’s why Stockport Decorating recommends regular preventative maintenance—to identify and fix problems before they get out of control. Keeping your plumbing up to date is a big part of preserving your household’s daily routine, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you think it’s time your plumbing had a check-up. Just like your HVAC, electrical and other building systems, it’s important to make sure the commercial building’s plumbing system is checked thoroughly and regularly by a licensed and experienced plumber. With regular plumbing maintenance, problems are caught earlier, when the solution is usually simpler and less expensive. Preventive maintenance contracts often eliminate the disruption to your business that an unexpected plumbing failure can... See details »
Early detection and notification of a fire is critical in life safety and fire protection systems. Stockport Decorating provides the latest and most reliable technology available that will detect smoke and heat in its developing stage to alert occupants in the event of a fire. The consequences of a deficient fire alarm system can result in a devastating loss of life and property. Our expert team of engineers and licensed technicians are continuously trained to remain current with the ever-changing technology trends. Whether your system needs to be replaced or updated, we can provide inspection, service and training for your fire alarm system. StockportDecorating’s fire alarm and detection specialists are trained in commercial, industrial, special hazard and residential applications and can tailor a system to best meet facility specifications and national and local regulatory codes. Our team of engineers and... See details »