Internal Painting & Paperhanging

Posted on: Sunday, May 6th, 2018 | Project started on: 7 May 2017 | Project completed on: 18 May 2017 | Project location: Dunchurch, UK.

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a tired room. But you need to do things right, or you’ll end up with the hassle and expense of having to do it all over again later! So let us help you prepare for your next interior project. This part of our project planner takes you through some good general guidelines for painting interiors. And then we introduce you to some cleaning, preparation and painting basics for specific interior projects. The first thing you need to know. If your house was built before 1980 you might be dealing with lead based paint. You need to know what to do and what not to do. Start by visiting the Occupational Health and Safety site for a free do-it-yourself guide. Match your method, tools & paints to the job Different interior surfaces will require different methods, tools and paints for cleaning, preparing and painting.


Allow time for preparation work
Life’s busy and you only have a certain amount of free time to get the job done. But if you’re planning to paint a whole room, don’t forget to allow time for cleaning and preparing surfaces. Allow at least a day for this. You’ll be
needing to remove all the furniture from rooms, remove fixtures and fittings, loosen switch plates, clean, sand,
scrape, mask and more! So count this process in when estimating how long the entire job will take.

Have a variety of brushes &/or rollers handy You’ll encounter all kinds of fiddly bits when trying to paint interiors. The one big fat brush or wide roller won’t do everything. You’ll need a variety of larger applicators and smaller ones for various sections of your project. And you’ll need special use brushes that are designed to work at tricky angles. Break the job up into do-able chunks. Tackle your interior paint job one section at a time. That way you achieve lots of milestones and break down a large job into achievable tasks.

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